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Iva Soldo Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why Snapchat Will Reach The 'Kids' That Instagram Stories Never Will?

There is no doubt that Snapchat will still be interesting to the kids, despite Instagram's  effort to copy parts of it in a more powerful insta-unity. What is that that Snapchat still offers not only to its customers but also to us as digital professionals? Creative ads, new media, exclusive access? Why will we in 2017 – more and not less, use 'snap' in a professional way?

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Bernarda Amidžić Sunday, August 14, 2016

What Do You Need To Know Before You Start Using Instagram for Business?

Since the last June Instagram has reached half a million active users and is still growing. This growing number, as the company says, is due to constant changes they make and we have to agree that the app is very different from the first version that was launched in 2010. Recently, Instagram announced they are unveiling new business profiles for its business users which feature a Contact button, access to analytics and ability to run Ads directly within the app.

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Iva Soldo Saturday, August 13, 2016

Instagram Stories Against Snapchat: Why This Is Not Zuckerberg’s Insta-victory?

Exactly at the time when Snapchat began to mature as an app and domestic brands started actively using it - an insta surprise arrived! Instagram introduced Instagram Stories – Snapchat's unique feature which makes the core of the application itself. Today, Instagram stories can be used by 300 million daily active users, already present on this platform. Is this the end of Snapchat's growth and also in Croatia and its region? Oh, snap – it's not!

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Dorian Sabo Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Writing About Writing: Inspiration And How to Maintain It

We live in the information age - the age in which the average person has a computer and Internet access, the age in which we communicate with each other mostly in written word through social media. Such an age has opened great opportunities for writers of all sorts. With the rise of popularity of Internet, blogs, e-books & e-publishing, everyone is a few clicks away from becoming a writer of some kind. One might even argue that nowadays there are more writers than readers! I'd even encourage more people to become writers since writing, in any of its forms, is a fun and productive experience. However, there are some obstacles a writer will inevitably encounter. One of them being lack of inspiration.

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Marko Ćilimković Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Activity - Does Google Really Know Everything About You?

We live in a time of disproportion. On the one hand, quick and timely information is a key of success but on the other hand, security of data is one of the most common issues of modern society. In this delicate situation, Google decided to show us how easy it is to collect all our Internet activity information, causing a wave of concerns. Recently, Google 'woke up' a lot of Internet users from their summer dreams by launching a new tool, called My Activity. "Does Google really knows everything about us?” was the most common phrase of the last month. Most of us immediately started to check what we've been “googling" throughout the past. Was there any inappropriate content that we might be ashamed of? We decided to stay calm and bring you the truth about the whole rush. It's terrifying but useful at the same time.

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Marko Ćilimković Thursday, July 7, 2016

Being More Effective in Rails with Services

Have you ever been stuck debugging a piece of code for hours, only to realize you were looking in the wrong place? Have you ever needed to take more than minutes to figure out why is something acting as it is? Do you remember how it feels to go back and work on a 2-year old application with the features you don't remember? Sounds like you need a new approach in developing Rails applications - outside the convention, but still inside Ruby and Rails. Take a look at the old new layer of abstraction that isn't used in Rails apps by default and learn how to be better at what you're already good at.

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Ena Valentina Đerek Thursday, June 16, 2016

Don’t Dream, Visualize! How to Turn Your Ideas into Reality

When you hear the phrase " Visualize your success, your life, your goal" it probably won't be the first time you hear it. It sounds abstract, but what if I told you it's closer to the truth than you think. Every time you achieve something your mind played a big role. I started thinking more about the concept of visualization after the keynote opening by Brian Solis at Spark.Me conference  who mentioned the power of visualization. It was always somewhere in the back of my mind and his speech “sparked” me to find out more about it and ultimately share with others. If we unconsciously practice visualization every day, why not take it up a notch and make it work even better in our favor?

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Gorana Blagus Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 Things That Will Upgrade Your Presentation Skills

You know that awful feeling – your legs are shaking, your voice is trembling and your hands are sweaty – yeap, the minutes separate you from the public speech and the stage fright just kicked in. Don't worry, there's solution to every problem, and we will help you with this one!

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Boris Rauš Sunday, April 24, 2016

Slack Integrations Guide That Will Level Up Your Team Communication

In my last blog post, I wrote about the importance Slack has in Bamboo Lab as our primary communication tool. As you can remember, one of the huge plus sides of Slack, for me personally, is its customization. When I say customization, I don’t think about changing themes, colors and your profile picture (but I need to mention that this is also resolved extremely well in Slack). The best customization that Slack offers to everybody is the Integration of the third party apps.

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Marko Ćilimković Thursday, April 14, 2016

How to Chat - A Simple Guide for Rails 4

One of the world's fastest growing web frameworks just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Rails 5 was released, and although it is still in beta, many developers and companies migrated to the new version and started using the awesome features it provides out of the box. The new big thing has got to be the ActionCable framework that automagically enables us the use of WebSockets, which makes implementing live features like chats, notifications and other real-time modules extremely simple. But, how does one achieve the same goal without ActionCable and Rails 5? Roll up your sleeves and let's start coding :)

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