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Web development

We’re building unique, adaptive and effective websites and custom apps through innovative technology and a fresh dose of creativity. Don’t miss your one way ticket to the perfect web project!

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Digital marketing

Delivering a full spectre of digital marketing services tailored to build traffic to your website and generate results. We provide services ranging from community management, branding services, content creation to digital advertising and copywriting.

Education & Consulting

Are you looking for a uniquely crafted personal consulting or team trainings? We’re here to teach you how to incorporate social media to your marketing programs, improve your website results or consult you on website security and optimization.

World travelers

Traveled, studied, worked and fell in love with 6 continents and total of 50+ countries. We encourage our employees and clients to do the same; see the world, bring back inspiration and lose the boundaries they once had. We'll make sure your next trip takes you to your perfect web project!

Conference speakers

Attended over 60 conferences of all shapes and sizes. Lifelong learning and connections are something we strongly believe in.


We don't want you to waste another day of your life with a bad website! We'll be your next travel companions, helping you along the way whenever you need a helping hand. You didn’t wait to discover the world, so don’t wait to discover the web.

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Bamboo loves staying up to date with the latest digital trends. To prove it, every month, we send cool, kinda secret, tips on our 2 main focuses.

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For every project we use the finest, and most proper tools

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Ruby on Rails is one of the pillars/cornerstones of our company. We admire Ruby’s agile traits, CoCky aspects, and DRY look. Also in favor of the plus sized models. If you don't like them, change your view, you skinny controllers.

Sass logo

For all the awesome looks, be it dim or shiny we use the awesome Sass. Yes, we are a little bit sassy, but at least not flashy :), trying to provide you with the best visual experience online.

Coffeescript logo

Coffee and JavaScript are quite in use around us. We combine them together as CoffeeScipt for the best visual and flashy effects, even a drag queen would feel ashamed.

Ansible logo

Ansible is here for all our nodes on our servers. We need to maintain them under control for special uses from time to time like deploying your web projects out to the world.

Hootsuite logo

Hootsuite is like a wise, old owl helping us in monitoring our clients social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Monitoring and scheduling are just a hoot away.

Analytics logo

Monitoring key stats for our clients web projects is a must in these days. Google Analytics numbers and graphics easily show the growth we are providing for the web projects.

Git logo

We tend to be agile and iterate really fast our project version. Without using Git for versioning we would be lost in the scary, dark woods of buggy versions, dead upgrades and abandoned features.

Digitalocean logo

Every project for us is important as a drop of water during hot days in the desert. That is why we are using server droplets provided from the Techstars top startup Digital Ocean.

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