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Hello, we’re Bamboo

Bamboo Lab has built excellent digital products since 2014. What started as a 4-person company 8 years ago is now a full-service digital agency with a team of over 20 skilled professionals. Together, we tackle challenges and build digital products across industries to make our clients across the globe happy.

Lovely to meet you

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Boris Rauš

Co-founder and CEO

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Iva Soldo

Co-founder and COO

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Bruno Bušić

Co-founder and CTO

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Hrvoje Leventić

Co-founder and Advisor

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Ena Valentina Đerek

Marketing Director

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Vedran Mijatović

Backend Developer

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Mislav Kvesić

Backend Developer

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Tomislav Kaučić

Frontend Developer

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Nikola Milić

Frontend Developer

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Karla Mercvajler

Frontend Developer

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Tea Žirovčić

UX/UI Designer

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Dario Cagalj

UX/UI Designer

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Gabriel Dubrović

Advertising Specialist

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Ivan Fiala

Backend Developer

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Luka Bak

Backend Developer

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Nikolina Maljković

Social Media Manager

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Ena Sušac

Social Media Manager

Core values



We don’t believe in shortcuts, but we do believe in communication. By having our clients’ best interests at heart and staying open-minded, we always welcome feedback.



Empathy is the most important part of being respectful. By listening and acknowledging different perspectives, we make stronger decisions.



Every decision we make is backed by good energy and confidence. As a member of a global digital community, we hope to inspire and continue to go good by leading with positivity and kindness.

Big thoughts


We harness innovation and inspire curiosity every day by observing human experiences in our digital world. Never shying away from a challenge, we embrace learning curves and seek ongoing personal and professional growth to become better problem solvers.



By traveling the world and experiencing new things, we’re empowered to think differently and act boldly. Creating something great means not being afraid to take smart risks and to explore challenges in new ways.



We take pride in delivering each project on time without compromising on quality. We do challenging work so we can achieve incredible things together as a team.


Celebrate change

We don’t believe in comfort zones. We’re hungry for change, and we embrace the new to develop new opportunities and grow. Will you join us?

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