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Our training sessions are formatted for individuals or teams, and they’re customized to meet any knowledge level. Whether you’re a business owner or digital marketing manager, we build on existing skills to optimize your digital strategy for growth. Combining both hands-on education with industry experience, we evolve and adapt your digital strategies to meet the future of digital marketing.



Has your audience stopped growing? Are your sales numbers not reaching your goals? Whether you need guidance before your next product launch or you’re struggling to overcome your pain points, one-on-one consultation is here to help. Our mentors are specialized in a variety of fields, and they each have the right skills to design actionable steps forward for your brand.

Mentors & lecturers

Boris Rauš

Boris Rauš


As a successful entrepreneur and people person, Boris will improve your career and business by elevating your communication, negotiation, and leadership skills.

Iva Soldo

Iva Soldo


Learn how to implement new technologies, build authority and become the next industry leader with guidance from our digital expert who traveled the world in her student days.

Ena Valentina Đerek

Ena Valentina Đerek

Head of marketing

Besides mentoring non-profit organizations and holding digital marketing courses and lectures at universities, Ena is always ready to help businesses implement proven marketing practices that will generate leads.

Martina Soldo

Martina Soldo

Social media manager

Taking care of content production and advertising for our clients, Martina will teach you how to run an SEO-friendly blog, tell stories through content creation, and build and nurture your online communities.

Learn from industry-leading influencers

Anna Soldo Dučić

Anna is one of the very few successful outdoors influencers in Croatia who built her loyal audience in just a two-years span. Her content production includes stunning high-quality photography and the newest Instagram formats such as Reels and Guides. Anna will join our digital marketing courses to give you influencer-first perspective and share her digital marketing insights.

Maja Kristafor

Maja Kristafor

Maja is a passionate marketer with love for creating content through different platforms. With over six years of experience in journalism, digital agencies, and NGOs, she developed various skills and a good sense of upcoming market trends. In 2018 she was introduced to the limitless possibilities of LinkedIn. Since then, she has had the opportunity to hold workshops for more than 600 people and help them create their brands and visions. Maja will join our digital marketing courses to introduce you to LinkedIn and show you the right way to form your career.

Upcoming workshops

Boris na EWOB-u

September 2021

Soft skills academy

Elevate your career while learning how to think outside of the box, make decisions with confidence, and communicate your ideas clearly.

Lecturer: Boris Rauš

September 2021

Digital marketing online tools course

In partnership with the Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek, join us for a live step-by-step course and learn how to utilize content creation, advertising, and measurement tools.

Lecturer: Ena Valentina Đerek & Iva Soldo

Ena Valentina Derek

October 2021

Content production course

Learn how to create a social media content strategy from scratch, drawing from over 45 hours of agency insights.

Lecturer: Ena Valentina Đerek

Trusted by clients worldwide

Bamboo Lab’s online course was a fantastic experience. Everything was thoughtfully planned, from well-organized course materials to a friendly and positive learning environment. I love that we worked in small groups with an individual, customized approach.

Iva Tomić, student, Content production course

As one of the initiators of successful cooperation between Bamboo Lab and The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, I am very proud we still nurture our relationship and business cooperation with this skilled group. We work great as a team, with excellent communication and mutual goals to provide our students with a chance to learn from the best professionals in the digital marketing industry. Thanks to our work together, we successfully prepare our students for the labor market. 

Iva Buljubašić, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. at Academy of Arts and Culture

The content production course is perfect for anyone who wants to feel confident perfecting their digital marketing skills, learning new trends, and managing social media accounts. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or you have some experience. This workshop gives useful advice, covering topics such as how to start your Facebook Page to the production of social media posts and how to read your Analytics pages. The lecturers also share their tips on the best tools and applications to make your life easier.

Ariana Veočić, student, Content production course

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