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Marko Ćilimković Friday, March 4, 2016

Experimenting With Indexes - How Important Are They?

There is a time in the project lifecycle when everything is working fine, but the stress test gives really bad results, especially on the web pages where a query traverses through a jungle of rows in the database. What should you do then? The majority of blog posts, articles and forums suggest to add an index on a column in the table, but the theory behind adding indexes goes much deeper. Through this blog post, I'll explain what to do and what not to do in different scenarios. Have you ever wondered how much a well-placed index speeds up your queries? 

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Bruno Bušić Friday, February 5, 2016

Learn How to Win from 5 Amazing Examples of Gamification

Does anybody remember Cracker Jack, caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts (ooh yess) snack? It is well known for being packaged with a prize of trivial value inside the box. If you're not from America, there's probably a similar snack/cereal brand that does the same, wherever you are. This is one of the first examples of product gamification, but things got much more sophisticated since then.

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Marko Ćilimković Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Beginner's Guide to Crafting Ruby Gems

Whether you use puts, print, echo, WriteLine or println to return "Hello World" in the terminal, you're probably familiar with plugins. It's that cool sophisticated subset of classes, objects and all the other object-oriented jibber jabber that many coders use to speed up their development, implement difficult features and make it easier to focus on the core functionalities of an application. All of the programming languages have a unique way of naming their plugins and gem is the term for plugins used in Ruby. Ruby is one of the programming languages that is considered having the largest number of plugins, which is a key factor in agile development. Don't worry, in this blog post we won't be just using gems, but rather implement our own gem.

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Bruno Bušić Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to measure your web centimeters? Pixels, Rems, Ems, and other obscure abbreviations

Modern web development encompasses more than a dozen of different units of measurement. Choosing which one to use in a given situation can be confusing, especially with the introduction of responsive web design. Are you curious what each of the units really represents? Wondering how to pick the appropriate ones or what are some of the best practices while using the CSS units? Keep reading.

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Marko Ćilimković Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Implement Inline Validations in Rails from Scratch

Ah, the form is finally working. Now all that's left to do is to design it, style it and improve the user experience. Nothing too important, right? Well, maybe that would be the case in the 90s. UX is a big part of web applications development process that can significantly improve all aspects of your application. It will influence the users decision whether to come back and use your app or to decide not to use it and be irritated with the experience. Having unhappy users is bad, mkay? With Twitter, Facebook and other social networks users can spread the bad word really fast. To avoid it, let's look at how we can improve forms in our Rails web applications using inline validations and no plugins, gems, etc.

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Marko Ćilimković Monday, August 31, 2015

The Rails Way of Gracefully Solving Web Development Caveats

Web development can be a beautiful process. From an abstract point of view, it is no different than building a house, car or robot. It all starts from a piece of paper and a pen. You have a problem and you need to think of a solution, a solution that is going to solve the task effectively, correctly and in an acceptable timespan. Today there are a lot of design patterns that help us in setting the ground for that engineering process, but after the plannings, discussions and corrections are over you need to choose which tools and accessories you're gonna use in the implementation process.

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