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Here's 5 Ways to Use Snapchat in Marketing Today

Gorana Blagus

Oct 15 2016 9 min read

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Just after people have stopped whining about how they don’t have and don’t know how to gather a reasonable amount of friends on Snapchat, as required by human nature, a new problem arose - In which occasions and for what purpose should I use and create content on Snapchat?

As we have heard, many people liked the concept of Snapchat, and let’s admit - we all like social media attention - at least a little bit, but then created an obstacle in terms of what kind of content should be released on Snapchat, and in which occasion.

Luckily, Snapchat being a sexting app is so last season, so we’re here to break another excuse and introduce you to the tested solutions - check it out!

Teach a Man to Fish and You Feed Him for Lifetime

Are you a passionate book/make up/business-hacks/marketing lover? You read a lot, get informed a lot and hang out with people who share your field of your interest or, more specific, industry?
Why not share all of your lessons learned with your Snapchat community?

Whether it’s a part of your daily work or you have some interesting hobby - education, in terms of short tips and pieces of advice via Snapchat, has become quite popular. If you’re an influencer within your community or have years of experience - even better. That can be applied to everyone, whether you’re a freelancer, agency or corporation.

Your videos can have some specific topics and be strictly tied to your business: you can present your case studies, talk about how to resolve some common issues and messy situations, etc. If you’re not into that, you can simply - share a few pieces of advice you find important from your personal experience.

You can also give motivational speeches and present how you handled things at the beginning, give advice concerning people skills… The list goes on and all you need is - a good will. Just look at Gary Vee and Mark Suster - that’s a good start.

If you’re asking yourself why you should do this on Snapchat - there’s a plenty of reasons. Firstly, people got bored of long tutorials and video lessons and even more important - they don’t have time for it. Snapchat’s video format lasts only a few seconds and will make you summarize only the most important and the most useful stuff.

Moreover, your Snapchat lessons will have a very short expiration time, so your audience has an exclusive approach to your valuable (and free) advice - for a very short period of time. There’s no time to leave it for tomorrow and forget about it, meaning, if you’re consistent, pretty soon you’ll have an audience who watch and treasure your content and you'll know they do for sure!

Lastly, Snapchat imitates one-on-one communication. There’s no time for editing or scenarios, only authenticity baby! And being yourself and showing people the real you in the real time circumstances is what they love the most!


And except educating young(er) people, why not…

Invest in Employer Branding on Snapchat?

And present the real feels in your company? When it comes to your brand image, Snapchat is the best social network to show everyone the real and authentic experience of working in your company.
You can show them around - introduce your followers to your workplace, a daily routine, fun moments and things that happen daily - behind the scenes. They can meet all employees and see the human part behind your name and logo. It will make your customers feel closer to you and your brand.
Depending on the kind of business you’re in - it can be beneficial for your future employees, but also for your customers.

You can even present your services and products in a creative and interesting way, give your Snapchat friends a special discount and raise your brand awareness! Taco Bell is a great example of how it's done on level pro! :D

And since we’re speaking about your brand, how about...?

...Doing the Job Interviews via Snapchat?

Raise your hand if you’re tired of long and unnecessary re-readings of one’s CV and a boring paperwork? We don’t see you, but we can feel your hands in the air. :D
A Snapchat job interview is a great selection tool because it demands people to be creative and inform you about their working experience and skills within - a few minutes (and when I say a few, I think 2 or 3). Due to its format, it can say a lot about the people and their skills (organizational for example) and you can get a glimpse into their personalities.

It can be especially good for you if you’re working in the kind of industry that demands a lot of creativity or public relations - whether you’re in a pursuit for a copywriter, journalist or someone who is simply - creative, because your candidates can show their storytelling, painting and creativity skills.

Use Snapchat in Marketing while Traveling

You like to travel and document all your adventures? We will tell you why you should do it - on Snapchat!
You may be traveling to another continent or to the nearby city - it doesn’t matter. Wherever you go, you can show your followers the scenery, give them a tour through the city, introduce them to some local customs, tradition, the best food, and - the best places to party!

Vlogging (video blogging) when traveling is always fun and amusing, but the most important of all - on Snapchat you can show your audience a real, authentic experience of every place you visit, without editing it and making it looks prettier than it is. Since your audience knows that everything you post on Snapchat is a real thing - it can be informative and helpful in a credible way.

You can give them tips on which hotel to choose for spending the night, introduce them to the price range or even - give them full instructions on how to travel really cheap or even for free as Jovana Miljanović did. :)

In the end, why not to use your passion for traveling and build a greater influence on Snapchat so that people in the tourism industry would start paying you to visit their hotels, restaurants, and cities to give them your (or not) thumb up?

Semester at Sea has recently joined Snapchat and showed their followers how this unique program of traveling and studying at the same time looks like. By doing that, they managed to make the program even more popular among the international students and succeed in increasing the number of students who applied for the program.

We Don't Remember Events - We Remember Moments!

Social events… who doesn’t like them, right?! :D Now when I said it, I’ve realized that some people really don’t. :D But what I know for sure is that - EEEVERBODY wants to know what happened during the event: Was it educational and helpful? Did you find out something new? Who showed up? Did you wait too long for this and that? Who got wasted? :P And even - who wear what?

If you work in the field of event management or in some sort of organization that does big events like festivals, Snapchat is a great platform to give people a closer look on behind-the-scenes moments and preparations - people, atmosphere, fun and the excitement. And that’s why people love it!

If you’re visiting some really pricey conference it can motivate people to start saving money and visit the conference the next year or if you’re at a great festival and having Y.O.L.O. kind of fun, your Snapchat story can be crucial for someone who was a bit indecisive about going there.
You can even - sell tickets for your event by giving a special discount on Snapchat to your audience of millennials.

This year, we did the Snapchat campaign for Weekend Media Festival, where we put in focus behind-the-scenes moments, parties and the overall atmosphere at the event! It was a great opportunity for Weekend Media Festival to reach out to its audience of millennials and give them what they want - an experience they can live through, not only watch!


Weekend Media Festival - Snapchat campaign

So I guess you ran out of excuses on why you’re not Snapping more or not using Snapchat in marketing today - and the pleasure is ours. :D

Hope to see you soon with more great content on Snapchat and a Snap-message to us is A MUST! We’ll be glad to help you and answer on all of your questions, in case you have some!

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