What we digitalized.

Kulturni Centar Osijek

Informational website for the cultural center in Osijek.

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Gem Set Hrvatska

Informational website for the humanitarian event organized by Marin Cilic.

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Futsal Feed

The biggest portal for futsal fans in Europe.

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Scanlon & Associates

Website and mobile app for the consulting firm based in Dublin.

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Website for the biggest regional shopping center.

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BIOS Inkubator

We were born in this business incubator. We gave back to it by building a modern website with a high-quality booking system for their offices and conference rooms which doubled the requests!


Hrvatske Ceste

We did a complete rehaul of our clients website, data organization, and built a robust internal online system supporting their business.


The Campaign

The Campaign is working to improve the approach to national decision-making, so that we have respect and confidence in the decisions taken, and so that we have trust in our key national influencers and decision-makers. We supported the idea with building a conversion-oriented landing page.



Have you ever wondered how it would be to wander in a new city without getting lost? Yeap, we did, too! That’s why we created a platform which enables you to wander through the city while sightseeing only the things you’re interested in. How is that possible? You take the quiz which recognizes your preferences and suggests you places and spots - that suits you like they were tailored just for you! What’s the best about it is that it is adaptable to every city in the world!


PIK Vrbovec - BBQ Calculator

How many times did you wonder if you’d have enough meat for your BBQ party? I know, we did, too! That’s why we partnered with the leading meat company in Croatia PIK Vrbovec and created a responsive web app which helps you calculate just the right amount of the meat you need. It makes a calculation based on your preferences and the amount of guest, while its clean design and amusing descriptions entertain you along the way!

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Gold by Waldinger

We had a privilege to participate in building a digital presence for the brand with a long tradition in Osijek - Waldinger, which established a new member of its tourism and catering offer - the first cake shop with an online web shop - Gold by Waldinger. The elegant and responsive design emphasizes a long tradition and reputation, while makes the website readable on all devices.

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Ethnology Center

Ethnology Center of Baranja's Heritage strives to promote tourism by building the Center that represents all ethnic groups that have historically inhabited Baranja and, by that, to save their customs and traditions from oblivion. When creating a website, we devoted time to user-friendly design that increases user experience. The website is developed by using Bamboo CMS and responsive, so it is easily readable on every device.

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