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There is no doubt that Snapchat will still be interesting to the kids, despite Instagram's  effort to copy parts of it in a more powerful insta-unity. What is that that Snapchat still offers not only to its customers but also to us as digital professionals? Creative ads, new media, exclusive access? Why will we in 2017 – more and not less, use 'snap' in a professional way?

As we have already written for Netokracija, When Instagram and Facebook find "the new best thing", a new option, or an app for which young people have not heard of or without which they cannot live, only then will they succeed in becoming the next big thing and win a new generation. In the meantime, they can only do what they're already doing now - try to copy Instagram by turning it into a "Snapchat for parents" - a combination of too many different features that don't correspond to the character of the application.

Snapchat provides a unique platform to the media

Do not forget that the media is on Snapchat and that it’s creating a unique content on a daily basis. In partnership with the mainstream media, through the Discover option, Snapchat brings specially structured content to its audience.

The best graphics, videos, photos, music, articles are combined in order to make creative and amusing content – that is adjusted to Snapchat. It wouldn’t be surprising if Snapchat's CEO decides to remove any of the Discover Channel because the content that you served to Snapchat's audience wasn’t sufficiently interesting or unique - not enough "snapchattish". Yahoo has to tell more about it. In fact, Yahoo has been Snapchat's Discover partner and has been abruptly removed from the same position after Snapchat agreed that it cannot connect with the key audience of millennials.

Some companies, such as refinery29, Fusion, The Wall Street Journal, formed teams of 5-10 people who work exclusively on Snapchat Discover Channel, while for Instagram beautiful images are easily created and shared, as well as for Facebook. It is, of course, commitment and investment that pays off to these media, concerning that they reach the audience which you cannot reach through other channels, such as Instagram.

Snapchat's Cosmopolitan channel has over 19 million views per month. According to Poynter Report, the website has only 20 million unique visitors per month. In short terms: views that Snapchat generates make up 21% of the total traffic of the entire company.
Imagine that Cosmopolitan in Croatia creates interactive content for Snapchat: articles, news, entertaining offers for users. Such content will be consumed primarily on Snapchat, not on Instagram where you have to wait while that page, to which the ad directs you, is loading.

The key audience of millennials will remain loyal to (intimate) Snapchat.

Snapchat users, especially key audience aged 16 to 34 years, are emotionally connected with an application and this will not disappear so easily. The Snapchat, unlike Instagram, started as an application for chatting, so it’s intimate and above all the best imitates "face to face" communication.

Snapchat's audience, unlike Instagram, doesn't  aim to create a huge base of followers, but use it as their own private „corner“, like a home without their parents - unlike Facebook where they all have accounts. Snapchat is achieving that with its specific face-to-face approach, due to which he gained a great success in the beginning and  because of which it is considered to be somewhat closer to messaging apps such as Messenger, and not to apps like Instagram.

With the launch of Instagram Stories, Facebook may have solved some of the pressure that teens felt when they were posting photos in a usual way - wanting as many as possible likes on their posts, the photos would be deleted if this goal hadn’t been accomplished. But we shouldn’t  forget that there is still the pressure on the Instagram concerning generating a large base of followers who are visible to everyone who goes to someone's profile, as opposed to Snapchat where is still unknown how large someone's community is.

Instagram isn't snap killer', but primarily a visual app

The further financial investment will play a very important role in the development of Snapchat. If Snapchat succeeds in balancing the further inflow to continue global expansion with a greater number of ads, which will have to be displayed within the application (as a result of new investments), it will gain a huge advantage. Snapchat needs to grow, without smothering the primary audience and increase the number of ad formats that will certainly be necessary.

In June 2013, Instagram pompously announced a video format - how often do you see it? Rarely - as users of Instagram have been used to take photos,  not to record videos. While Snapchat is based on a communication in the form of videos, Instagram users post their stories mostly as a set of photos.

So, even if they allow the core Snapchat's function, Instagram users are still pushing photos in the forefront, because Instagram is still that – an application for photos, not the Snapchat killer as much as Zuckerberg would want it to be. Instagram has become Snapchat for adults who still don’t understand the essence of this application.

Snapchat is an application focused on creating content with a camera, whose interface you see as soon as you turn on the application. You don't see the feed, but the camera. It is the camera’s interface, which immediately appears, that motivates users to create content. Instagram, however, remains the application intended primarily for consuming content without the intimacy given to Snapchat users.

Both platforms share the same ultimate goal - to achieve and maintain the highest possible number of existing and new users, but also the groups of users experience  their similar technical features in completely different ways.

Snapchat creative ads

Sponsored geofilters, lenses and video ads, you name it - it is new, creative and interactive advertising formats against Instagram's traditional. Snapchat wants engagement and full attention on the ads from its users and it makes a big difference, compared to Instagram ads that are nothing more but the prettier version of Facebook Ads, to which we are already accustomed.

A good example is the recently developed sponsored lens, made for the promotion of the announced and long-awaited film Ghostbusters. Snapchat will have to work more quickly now and it is expected that these options will quickly open for the global market,  including Croatia. Are you ready to welcome them and to be the first who will take advantage of it? Consider all ways through which, for example, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board could take advantage of Game of Thrones interactive 'lens'.

Ads on Snapchat take precedence over Instagram – they're funnier and attract more attention, unlike Instagram ads, and will continue to be more creative when it comes to testing of new formats.

While Instagram smothers its users with ads that are typical, Snapchat ads are more natural and add value - in the form of intimate interaction with the user. Of course, the same doesn't diminish the strength of Instagram as an advertising platform that is still dominated by Facebook but demonstrates why they cannot simply "suffocate" Snapchat as an advertising platform for brands. As Snapchat users experience Snapchat like more intimate platform, advertisers experience it as a channel for intimate advertising.

Snapchat - still a step ahead of Facebook

Let's not fool ourselves, Instagram launched Stories, but Snapchat is innovating for years, and growing at an incredible pace.Location-based Geostickers, such as New York Rat, have been launched recently and they're working on codes that will allow revealing of the exclusive content.

This allows users to scan photos or barcode on the poster or website, and thus, for example, get a discount on a particular product. In addition, recent acquisitions of the Seene, show that they are going in the direction of the new 3D photo format and a whole new level of the selfie lenses - and potentially in VR projects.

Brands in Croatia only reveal Snapchat ...

Concerning Snapchat's pace and position as a technology leader when it comes to access to the latest generations which ignore Facebook and other "old" social networks, there is no doubt that we will see much more from this network in terms of differentiation. Smart brands will use this „snap“ difference for personalized, intimate and funny way to reach their audiences.

It's on Snapchat to make it easier to find friends within the application, to improve transparent communication of ROI for brands (on which they're already working), and to stand up for further growth concerning  the inflow of money, without losing users because of traditional ads, such as Instagram.

Is Instagram Story the end of Snapchat? No, it’s just another attempt in series of Facebook's attempts to reach Snapchat, a unique social network, which, with its different features and interface, confuses older and inspires young people. Like Snapchat, domestic brands have to take advantage of the first mover and mustn't withdraw as soon as Instagram / Facebook copies another feature. Young people are waiting for you on Snapchat, and they are not going anywhere. :)


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