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Welcome to the 21. century - the era of a sedentary life - and when I say sedentary, I’m talking about our natural habitus these days - sitting in front of the computer 24/7.

The digital age brought so many benefits, but also set us back concerning our habits - our attention span is shorter, as well as our eyesight, we often experience a backache, we sleep less and sometimes even forget to drink or eat (ya feel me).

If you’re working in the digital industry or spending long days sitting in your office and matching sleepless nights in front of the computer - you’ll get me. Well, I guess it's hard not to relate with this, whatever you do, because - Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram... :D

Fortunately, there’re many solutions for our new age problems. In this blog post, I will discover you some tools that can help you deal with the challenges and win the battle over tech-onsenquences!

Work, Sleep, Drink, Repeat

Enough amount of water a day keeps a doctor away. This is not exactly how the saying goes, but it probably should. I believe I don’t have to preach about the importance of drinking enough dose of water daily when it comes to our health. When I’ve started working I was so preoccupied with getting sh...things done that I caught myself sitting in the office for hours without drinking a glass of water. In conversation with the other friends and colleagues, I've realised - we’ve all done the same thing, at least in the beginning.

Since I'm surrounded by technology all the time, I've come to a conclusion that I have to find a techy way that fits into my environment and helps me to solve this problem. That’s when I discovered -Daily Water. Daily Water is an app available for iOS and Android and its job is to remind you to stay - hydrated! Sounds so trivial, yet it's so not! :D

Some of the features include:

⁃ Set goal amount of daily drinking water and track it.
⁃ Log amount of daily drinking water.
⁃ Touch to log each drinking.
⁃ Check glasses of water drunk each day.
⁃ Customize volume of each glass of water.
⁃ Customize how much of water you drink each time, 1/4 glass, 1/2 glass or A glass...

...and the list of awesome features goes on. I've tested it and it worked great for me!

I Didn't See That Coming

Well, I could have. The hours and hours in front of the computer and the other digital devices took its toll. I know that in today's world we all spend a lot of time in front of the different digital devices, but I'm tied to it maybe more that an average person is – my job is to be available online in every moment and I spend a lot of time in front of multiple screens, since I'm working in the field of digital marketing.

Throughout the day I'm using a laptop, tablet and smartphone to get my tasks done, and I assume that you do too. My eyes are constantly adapting to the fonts of different size and lighting which, in some cases, can be pretty bad, especially at night.

If I add up to it the fact that I'm short-sighted (since elementary school) it won't take you long to realize what I'm talking about - multiple eyes problems that resulted in a headache, dry eyes and fatigue. :(

I was using contact lenses, but after a while, I've realized that my eyes aren't protected enough since I'm spending the most of my time staring at some kind of screen. If you're experiencing that kind of problem in this moment - I would recommend you to do what I've done - love yourself and get yourself glasses. It might sound too obvious, but it turned out to be life-changing for me.

Since I have very sensitive eyes, my goal was to find great lenses that can protect my eyes and solve my issues. I really wanted to find out how living with glasses looks like since I haven't worn them since I was a child. After some thorough googling I' ve found - Eyezen. What caught my eye immediately (pun intended) is the fact that they're designed specifically for digital environment - they support repeating and intensive eye focus while using digital devices and reduce eye pressure. It was really something I was searching for and I was thrilled when I found about it.

When I got them, I wore them a few days without taking it off and I didn't see the difference at first – until I tried to put on my contact lenses again. I bought these glasses just to treat my eyes „sometimes“ and give them a break, but - it turned out that my contact lenses are the ones that got dumped.

The best thing about them is a kind of „filter“ that cover the lenses – Light Scan – Essilor's filtering lights technology that reduces reflection and contributes to premature eye ageing. If I take off my glasses, I can physically see the difference in reducing reflection – and that was convincing enough for me.

I've realized that I can stay more hours in front of the computer without my eyes being a pain in the…head when I wear glasses. I was really excited about them and I really have to say that it was one of the best investments I made lately. 

When Your Chair Stabs You In The Back

It is well known that sitting position puts more pressure on our spine than standing and the experts say that the long periods of sitting can seriously impact our health and shorten our life. :O Therefore, it is very important that we take breaks during the day and go for a walk or just do a couple of exercises. Some months ago, I had a bad sitting situation - I was working on a project and had an intense one week period when I felt like I was taped to a chair. Since I was working some hours from my home, too, I found out that my chair was really, really bad and it got me a really, really bad backache.

So before I say anything else - if you're just having bad chair daysreplace it! It will save you so much trouble.

If you have a bad chair at work and you can't do anything about it, I recommend you to – yeap, exercise. I’ve found to great apps that can help you: Stand Up! The first, The Work Break Timer for all iPhone users and Workout Alerts for Android users.

Stand Up! The first, The Work Break Timer is a flexible work break timer and as they note: 'By now you know that sitting down is slowly killing you, and we want to help you live longer.' It's also great for RSI sufferers, or anyone that needs to take regular breaks. There's no compulsive tracking and time management, and the app doesn't tell you what exercises you need to do. Just regular, simple reminders to get up, with easy confirmations so you can get a sense of how you're doing.

Workout Alerts helps you to keep your muscles warmed up all day while increasing your overall fitness and energy level. It is designed to help people stay fit and prevent muscle atrophy -it sends you 3D animated alert notifications randomly throughout the day with very short effective exercises. 

"Cool Kids Don't Sleep" - Yeah Right

Studies show that sleep affects our health, mood, even weight (what doesn’t affect weight nowadays, right?! ) and we’ve all listened to the stories about the importance of the sleep when it comes to our brain since we were little kids. Nowadays there are few people who can brag about a decent amount of time when it comes to a number of sleeping hours. Everybody wants to prolong a day, sleep less, wake earlier, but luckily there's a solution that will help you get back on a sleeping track.

Tracking your sleeping routine can help you understand your sleeping patterns and remind you to rest or slow down in order to keep your health. Sleepbot is a free sleep tracking app, available for iOs and Android users. It tracks your sleep activity, your movement and sound levels, your sleeping pattern changes, provides tips for better sleep and an alarm to wake you up on time! In my opinion, everyone could use an app like this to get a better insight into his or her sleeping pattern and improve the sleep activity to get rest that he or she deserves! :)

Finally, these are just some of many pieces od advice one could give you when it comes to surviving the new age problems, and we covered the ones that bother us the most! If you have some other things to add on the list - leave it in a comment or share your experience and how you deal with it on a daily basis! :)


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