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When you hear the phrase " Visualize your success, your life, your goal" it probably won't be the first time you hear it. It sounds abstract, but what if I told you it's closer to the truth than you think. Every time you achieve something your mind played a big role. I started thinking more about the concept of visualization after the keynote opening by Brian Solis at Spark.Me conference  who mentioned the power of visualization. It was always somewhere in the back of my mind and his speech “sparked” me to find out more about it and ultimately share with others. If we unconsciously practice visualization every day, why not take it up a notch and make it work even better in our favor?


How Can Visualization Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Goals are part of our life. They can be as small as  “I will drink eight glasses of water a day” or big like “I will start my own business in two months”. They give us purpose and they become guiding idea in our daily life. After that comes the fun part - realization.  It takes hard work and determination to keep headed in the right direction, but what if you are stuck and can’t move further than setting a goal? Maybe it’s because of a fear possibility of failure, social pressure or consuming schedule. That is where visualization comes to the rescue, with its key feature of projecting a mental image of a future that will one day become your present.


How Does Visualization Works?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, athlete or student, you can apply visualization in your life. By using it you can picture and feel success in your mind even before you do in reality. The more detailed you visualize your goals, better the chance you’ll have to achieve it. By that I mean not only the end result but the obstacles and sacrifices that come along the way. Picture how you are going to feel and what you will do once your goal has been reached. The more vivid and real you get, the stronger effect it will have. Have you ever heard about a successful entrepreneur who did not believe in himself or his vision ? Neither did I. If you don’t believe in what you visualize, chances are that you are not going to achieve your goals.


So What's the Science Behind It?

It has been proven that visualization works because your subconscious mind wants to quickly  resolve obstacles that exist between your current situation and your goal. Awareness of your surroundings is increased so you can easily spot resources that will bring you one step further to your vision. This happens thanks to an RAS section of your brain that chooses what you are going to notice and what you are not. For example, when you hear for the first time about this new trend and then all of the sudden keep noticing it multiple times a day. Just like your mind now filters that trend, it also will filter important resources that will help you create a solution for your conflict. Your vision becomes more focused and you start to remember or notice ideas from you past, surroundings, case studies or contacts that could provide you with a little push on your mission. The more you accomplish, more opportunities will come to your way. Luckily that's how things work. Motivation will grow and you will retain that feeling! I am new in the world of digital, but what I can tell you is that I have accomplished more in one year than in all of my 16 years of education just because I started taking opportunities and strongly believed in my goals whilst prevailing over my comfort zone.



So far I have mentioned all the advantages and merits a tool such as visualization possesses but in the end it is merely a theory without methods and tricks how to apply it in practice. Here are three simple techniques that will help you to get " in the zone"! :)

  • Treasure Map Technique

This technique uses both mental and physical component, and no we don’t mean pirate mentality and an actual treasure map. As I already mentioned it, here is an example. First, imagine obtaining a treasure, then start drawing a physical representation of all the components involved. Draw a ship, a landscape to represent path and maybe a cool island to represent the location. As you might have guessed, the drawings themselves are not important as the visualization of them. Your mind will project the road to the goal where X marks the spot. As you can imagine this technique requires both patience and lack of distractions so find a place where you can find those ideal conditions.


  • Receptive Visualization

This technique is a bit more passive compared to the previous one but also requires serene surroundings. The best way to describe it is as you take a role of a director of a movie which means you control the scene. When you clear the image start to add components which make the image more lively and dynamic until it feels like you are the one who is both involved in the action and decision making.

  • Altered Memory Visualization

Be truthful, how many times has a certain event resolved in a less than favorable way for you wishing you could change it? Luckily this technique uses just that as a driving force. Replay the scene in your mind while replacing negative responses and situations with positive and controlled ones. It can be difficult but once you can successfully  recreate and alter it, the uncomfortable feelings and memories of the actual event will eventually fade away.

Visualization is a technique anyone can master but still requires effort to reach that point. Besides its obvious benefits, it will allow you to break past the current limitations you have placed upon yourself. Whether you are big, small or somewhere in the middle don't satisfy yourself with mediocrity and overcome larger than life barriers by visualizing your success over them. Let us know how it went or if you need more tips on this topic. :)




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